The case of being a World Citizen

June 15, 2019

Slide back to 1930’s?

I am a World Citizen. Growing up in post-communist Poland, little did I know it was even possible. My grandparents’ generation lived through World War II, witnessed the worst of the humankind. My parents’ dreams have always been limited by communism:

“Wherever communist and noncommunist states existed in close proximity, it was the communists who used walls and the threat of death to keep their people from fleeing to societies with greater opportunity.”

Thus, entering my teenage years with Poland joining The European Union, I could hardly imagine what it meant for my generation and those who came after.

You see through learning about the history and having experienced it first (or second) hand as a little child, it was inevitable for me to grow the immense appreciation towards the idea of the borderless Schengen Area, travelling, being able to pick and choose which country or continent I visit or I live in next.

The united world, humanity as one, peace and acceptance for everyone no matter their race, religion or beliefs, is what I stand for.

If you are in my circle of friends or even acquaintances, you probably have heard me getting absolutely enraged with the current developments all over the world. I still recall my dearest late grandpa’s words when I told him about my next travel plans whilst we were sitting by a vineyard around his house:

“We have it so good now, don’t we. Where we are looking now, there has been no roads before. Not even talking about cars, or travelling so commonly by plane”

At that point in time, I only smiled at his words, thinking “oh dear grandpa, the world’s moved on since then”. But little did I realize how these words will influence and shape my personality in the years to come.

The question I keep asking myself constantly is:

have we already forgotten? The people who managed to survive 1930s and what came after are still alive! How can we be so ignorant? Are we letting get ourselves manipulated by some ‘higher power’ or is it our choice to hate one another?

It seems the whole world slowly is returning to the ideas of nationalizm or fascizm. The rise of the New Radical Right. Brexit. Trump. Bolsonaro. Marine Le Pen. Viktor Orbán. AfD.

voters appear to be increasingly motivated by what they perceive as affronts to their national identities

Let’s not forget that history does repeat itself. Constantly. But I do so hope, we will stop and think before we let ourselves slide into this cycle again.