Makers Academy - Fabulous memories

April 05, 2017

As you may know, after three years as a project manager, I decided to switch my career and to become a software developer. I won Women In Tech scholarship in partnership with Thoughtworks and went on to to learn development with Makers Academy. The time has flown by super quickly, and I graduated at the end of March.

It’s been already three days since I have not gone to Makers. I made a conscious decision to work from home as my interview is at the end of the week, and I know if I went to our hub in East London, there would be too many distractions lurking form each corner 🤡

It is a strange feeling to graduate. Now I will have to adjust to the new reality. No more spending time together working on coding challenges with my fellow Makers. My mind is too busy thinking about Friday morning interview with ThoughtWorks, and what else I could possibly do to prepare myself for it even better.

But I do keep the “old” habits, I meditate every day, and keep coding, keep talking to the cohort on Slack and it all seems quite alive, as if I have never really left, as if I were to come back there at some point. And well, yes, I am planning to come back. We agreed to keep working with some people after this week on the skills we feel we need to improve, more MEAN I mean 😂🤣

Other than that, I keep watching our graduation presentation and I am really quite proud of what we’ve achieved after these three months with my dear friends from Jan’17 Cohort Graduation: Ben Kielty, Irene Canuti and Stefan Liute