Hack Your Career In Tech

June 06, 2018

I’ve been asked by my favourite Code First: Girls community to help out with a Hack Your Career in Tech event run at Bank of America Merrill Lynch HQ in London today, Tuesday 24 July.

I’ve had a great time facilitating the group work, giving feedback on the elevator pitches and working together with the girls on a Mind Map about how to get a career in technology. It was a great evening where you could really feel the power of community and working together. At the very end, we’ve had a panel discussion where I could share with the girls my experience and reflect on my journey into this career.

It’s been shared on Twitter, below you can find one of these tweets by Karisma Parkinson:

Great Panel line up for the Hack your Career in Technology workshop and panel discussion with CodeFirstGirls BofA_Careers #WomenInTech

Coming back this evening, induced also a moment of reflection in me. I know I’ve been blessed not too long time ago by receiving a lot of opportunities to change my career, so now I feel it’s my time to give back. It’s my time to talk about what’s possible and to encourage the girls to go beyond what they believe their limits are, push themselves out of their comfort zone, work hard and finally, they’ll get there with a little bit of support and luck!

What a fantastic evening. I feel so energized and refreshed by the ideas and the feeling of unity that we all shared tonight.

Good luck Girls! I am here cheering for your success!!